Denis Schofield, B.Arch ’97, Senior Associate, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Drawing and Discovery
A year long sabbatical: revisiting the principals of the Europe trip, slowing down, and taking the time to be a participant rather than a tourist.

In 1995 I traveled across Europe as a student at Virginia Tech.  I took photographs and filled sketchbooks… The act of slowing down is critical to this kind of investigation. Slowing down is critical to seeing, identifying, documenting and learning. I missed having the time to sit in one place, to draw, to investigate. In 2012 I decided to take a break from my job, pack up my belongings and spend a year traveling. This talk will feature sketches, photographs and a lot of the things I discovered along the way.


Denis Schofield grew up in a small beach town in New Jersey, headed south and attended the College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech, where he received a Bachelor of Architecture in 1997. Denis’ appreciation for craft and thoughtful design led him to the architecture firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, where he began working in the Wilkes-Barre office in January 1998. In June of 2000, Denis moved to Berkeley, CA to help establish BCJ’s Northern California office. In 2012 Denis took a year long sabbatical to pursue his interests studying architecture, drawing and finding adventure. Denis is a humane modernist whose rigorous, spirited architecture and product design resonate with site and context, resulting in buildings and objects with remarkable emotional richness and power.