Eugene Stoltzfus, M.Arch ’85, Eugene Stoltzfus Architects

“From Tech Architecture to Tech Start-up”

How a VT degree in architecture lent itself to the tech start-up Rosetta Stone


Eugene’s previous BA in psychology and his experience in theater stagecraft, carpentry, furniture making and entrepreneurial endeavors did not deter him from fully enjoying Tech’s architectural program, from the first studio with Sal Choudhury, to Jahn Holt’s visions, Hans Rott’s critiques, and Olivio Ferrari’s cryptic insightful comments.

In 1992, he was working as a registered architect in Washington DC when recession hit the economy, including architectural work, and the opportunity came to join Rosetta Stone as it was starting up. Following the sale of the company in 2006, he returned to the practice of architecture, including object design. He believes that the best is yet to come.