Kristine Fallon, FAIA, M.Arch ’77, Kristine Fallon Associates

“Buildings, Information, Modeling: New Paradigms”

How new technologies are transforming the representation, analysis, and construction of buildings, as well as the way design and construction teams interact.


Kristine K. Fallon, FAIA, is President of Kristine Fallon Associates, Inc. Her work in computer applications spans three decades, as does her voluntary participation in industry standards initiatives. She has led: technology selection and implementation projects that have allowed large project teams to work more productively; sponsored research projects in methodologies and standards for building modeling and information exchange; and the development of related academic curricula at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. She has published two books and is a contributing author to the National BIM Standard-United States and The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice (13th and 14th editions).