Nathan King, MASS Design Group

“Artifacts of questions asked: from here to there and back again”


Nathan King is a founding member of the Harvard GSD Design Robotics Group, where his investigation involves strategic process intervention and workflow development with a particular focus on Design Robotics and Additive Manufacturing technologies. With a background in Art and Art history, Nathan holds Masters Degrees in Architecture and Industrial Design and his primary research interests lie at the intersection of the two disciplines. Nathan holds an appointment at the Rhode Island School of Design where he is an Assistant Professor of Architecture and Foundation Studies and the co-founder the Glass Robotics Lab. In addition to RISD, Nathan has taught at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and the Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design. Beyond academia, Nathan is the Director of Design Research at the Boston-based firm, MASS Design Group, where he collaborates on the development and deployment of innovative building technologies, medical devices, and evaluation methods for application in the resource-limited settings. Nathan has co-authored forthcoming books on material systems and advanced design technologies, lectured extensively on related topics, and collaborated international workshops, research activities, and design initiatives.